"Babe and Dexter are huge fans!"

Marcy O., Anderson, IN

Because of Wolken's fish problems we went slow and started with one carp spears treat. Today we're going to try eye candy. 🙂 For the first time ever, Wolken ate a fish product and didn't throw up. This is great news! Thank you Scout & Zoe's!

Scott M., Goshen, UT

OMG! My dogs went crazy over the carp parts. You’d thought they won the lotto!!

Elizabeth L., Nesquehoning, PA

"We have discriminating tastes and our daddies treat us to the best! Only Scout & Zoe's in this happy house!"

Wags, Don Juan Diego, Miss Lucy and Rossie

Muncie, Indiana

Dear Scout & Zoe's,

Thank you for making my good dogs bad.

I got your jerky treats for Hannah and Sparky and that was all it took. As you know, a dog knows when you are opening a package of treats for them. It must be a sixth sense. As I was opening the package, both dogs sat in front of me, eyes wide and ears perked up. With no hesitation, they ate the treats and would not leave me alone until they got more.

Here is where the bad part is. My wife and I left to run some errands. When we came back, the package the jerky was in was on the floor, ripped apart and empty. Needless to say, both dogs had that guilty look with a little I really don't care if I am bad, it was worth it look. Hannah got up onto the table where the treats were and took them. She had never done that before.

Keep up the great work you are doing. You should see the disappointed looks the dogs give me when they get other treats. If they could talk, they would be demanding Scout & Zoe's.

Hannah and Sparky thank you for making such wonderful treats and so do I.

Tom Steiner, Muncie, Indiana

LOVE IT! ...and... you’re never going to believe this, but... I’ve needed the food topper!

Having to change from free-feeding to two timed meals a day. The topper encourages them and helps keep them focused.

Anne W., Mountain Brook, AL