Date Posted: 10/07/2010
Posted in: Scout & Zoe's Doggie News   Tags: Scout & Zoe's, dogs, antler chews

Scout and Zoe are so proud our brand new web site is complete and live! We are so in love with every aspect of this web site, we could just howl!

On the site you can share what is on your mind on our community page, scan to see what we are up to and yes, purchase your Scout and Zoe's chews!

Snaps go to out to our designer, Shawn Smith from Studio Nineteen and our developer, Bill Vernon from Omega Design. Without these two brilliantly talented guys, our dreams would still be locked in our heads. 

So spend some time with us on our site. And visit often! We are so proud to be here and happy you have come to visit.

Doggie kisses,

Scout, Zoe and Cindy