Good Ingredients Are Just The Beginning

Date Posted: 10/18/2016
Posted in: Scout & Zoe's Doggie News   Tags: Hopewell Center, partners

We're not like every other treat company. Yes, our treats are made up of human-grade, organic and hormone free ingredients. But at Scout & Zoe's...hope, gratitude and honor all goes into each and every bag. 


Since the formation of our company in 2010, Scout & Zoe's has partnered with Hopewell Center here in our hometown of Anderson, Indiana to pack our chews and treats.


Hopewell Center fosters an environment that allows individuals with intellectual disabilities to grow and learn every day. Teaching skills to assist in achieving the goals of each indivdual is just part of what Hopewell provides to the Anderson community. They also place those hopes and skills into every bag of Scout & Zoe's treats. 


We are proud to call Hopewell Center our strategic partner. So if you see something special about one of our bags of treats, just know that the bag of treats you are holding is teaching self confidence, pride and skills to help individuals enter the job market.


Hope, gratitude and honor.


Thank you Hopewell for a job well done!



WAMC - HOPEWELL from The Story Shop on Vimeo.