Using Talent for the Greater Good

Date Posted: 09/14/2010
Posted in: Scout & Zoe's Doggie News   Tags: animal shelter, donate, forever homes, shelter pet

Right now, I have more talent than I have dollars to be philanthropic. But that is okay.

My creative side is constantly expanding and I am pretty talented these days.....if I do say so myself.

So I am paying this forward for all the pups, doggies, kitties and cool cats to help them find forever homes.

Watch this video. If you are moved, donate to the Humane Society for Hamilton County. Or, if you are located outside of central Indiana, donate to your local Humane Society. They need your help. From blankets and towels to laundry detergent and bleach, if you bring it, they will gladly accept it.

Oh yes, they also take cash, checks and credit cards.

The staff of the shelters thank you.

The volunteers of the shelter thank you.

But most of all, the gentle animals in these shelters thank you.

Consider adopting one of these precious souls. No only will you change that dog or cats life, yours will change as well.