A Rare Breed of Hero

Date Posted: 09/14/2010
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Ground Zero veteran Max recognized with Scout & Zoe's first Exceptional Canine Award for his versatility and can-do attitude

ANDERSON, IN -Now here's a dog's life even a cat could love. Max, a German Shepherd from Indianapolis, has proven himself time and time again as a search and rescue dog with Indiana's FEMA Task Force One.

The 15-year-old, who worked 12-hour shifts as a search and rescue dog with handler/Mom Annette Zintsmaster following the 2001 World Trade Center tragedy, is being recognized for his career of service with Scout & Zoe's inaugural Dog Lore Exceptional Canine Award.

Max received his award in a special ceremony which was aired Friday, July 9, at 5:25 p.m., on Indianapolis' WISH-TV, Channel 8.  "We are so pleased to honor Max as our first Scout & Zoe's Exceptional Canine recipient," says Cindy Dunston Quirk, owner and developer of Scout & Zoe's Natural Antler Dog Chews.  "He is a true hero and exemplifies our ideal of an exceptional canine. With each Exceptional Canine Award Scout & Zoe's bestows, we will endeavor to showcase how vital dogs are to each of us during our life time not only as companions offering unconditional love but also as guardians, life assistants, rescuers and being our eyes to the world."

As a Scout & Zoe's honoree, a collectible card has been created for Max that will be included in packages of Scout & Zoe's chews. The card features his photo, statistics and a recap of his achievements at Ground Zero and other sites, including a long career with FEMA, where assignments took him to sites all over the country.

Max and Annette were on the scene within hours after the 9-11 terrorist attack in New York City. They worked 12-hour shifts for seven straight days, reverently searching smoldering stacks of twisted metal and concrete for survivors. Max drew extra duty at Ground Zero as a therapy dog, providing an invaluable source of comfort for firefighters, police officers and other first responders who needed a silent embrace.

Annette's husband, Tony, recalls the somber scene at Ground Zero.  "There were fires burning all around us," he says.  "We were in ankle deep gray dust, there was twisted metal and glass everywhere; smoke from the fires and continuous secondary explosions made it difficult to see, and the noises and the smells were overwhelming. People had a rough time, so did some of the dogs, but most of the dogs remained focused. It's amazing how they were able to work. No training could prepare any person or any dog for what we witnessed."

Max retired from the search and rescue business at age 7 but remains active, enjoying daily romps in the yard with doggie buddies, Kaiser and Jago.

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