The Momster is Writing for Doggy Woof!

Date Posted: 12/28/2012
Posted in: Scout & Zoe's Doggie News   Tags: doggy loot, probiotics, dog health, intestinal


Did you know that the Momster is a regular contributor to Doggy Woof, the blog portion of Doggy Loot? Yep and we are pretty proud of that!

At first, we didn't know what a regular contributor was. So we asked her to explain. With Scout and I being dogs and all, we really didn't know what she was doing for them. Every month, she writes an article and they publish it on their website.  She's written about my allergies, Scout's knee surgeries (part one and part two), why dogs eat poop, lyme disease, intestinal challenges, pet first aid, summertime challenges. She also wrote the breed descriptions for the German Shepherd dogs and German Shorthaired Pointer dogs.

Since I have been recovering from vestibular disease this week, it is a pretty good bet that is what her next article will be on. Apparently, a lot of senior dogs have this issue. I am not sure why I got it, but to be sick and in the hospital at Christmas is not a lot of fun. 

Any way, here is a link to her latest article on intestinal challenges and probiotics. Good stuff to know....especially if you have a dog like Scout in your family. 

As Momster writes additional articles, I'll post a link here. So stay tuned for the latest tips for your furry friend!

Until then, keep warm and give your pooches smooches from us!

All the best,