Antler Chew Company Strikes It Rich

Date Posted: 05/30/2012
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As the saying goes, every dog has his day. But the key to turning it into something really special can mean being ready to sink your teeth into something and refusing to let go.

Opportunity knocked for Scout & Zoe's Natural Antler Chews recently when founder and owner Cindy Dunston Quirk attended a speaking engagement featuring country singer and Celebrity Apprentice star John Rich

John opened the floor to questions, and Cindy was ready. Knowing how much he loves his dog, Frank Sinatra Rich, she asked a pet-related question that brightened his smile and sparked a connection. Then it was time to pounce, making him a tempting offer of a lifetime supply of eco-friendly and nutritious Scout & Zoe’s chews.

“You can definitely say I did my homework,” says Cindy. “I knew how much John cares about Frank, and I knew he was aware of the importance of providing our furry friends with products that are natural, healthy and produced in a sustainable way. Making him an ally was really a no-brainer, and we are thrilled to add Frank Sinatra Rich to the ranks of those who love our chews!”

John was impressed with Cindy’s offer and accepted immediately. The reason her pitch succeeded where others might have failed was in her planning. She provided him with a link to his own special web page where he can order chews for Frank, and re-order them as needed.

“What’s cool about what you did was first of all you had your pitch ready to rock,” John told Cindy in accepting her offer. “And guess what … I’m going to SUPERCHARGE those dog chews for you!”

Following the meeting, Cindy quickly followed up with Frank’s initial supply of chews. John has already helped spread the word to his legions of fans by mentioning Scout & Zoe’s in his Twitter feed.

“I know it’s possible our offer could have fallen flat, but something told me it wouldn’t,” says Cindy. “We connected instantly and, as someone who knows a little about entrepreneurship, he appreciated the effort I made. I think it’s been a win-win – or actually a win-win-win when you count Frank!”

“If there’s a lesson to be learned, I think it’s that there are special opportunities waiting out there for any business,” says Cindy. “You just have to be prepared and ready to sink your teeth in when your time comes!”

About Scout & Zoe’s: Scout & Zoe’s Natural Antler Dog Chews are 100 percent natural premium elk antlers, gathered only after they’ve been shed naturally as part of the animal’s life cycle.

Scout & Zoe’s are superior to other chews in helping dogs maintain clean, healthy teeth and contain trace minerals such as calcium and phosphorous which add to the pet’s overall health.

Antler chews are the right choice for the 15 to 20 percent of dogs with allergies to beef or pork, as well as those who suffer from certain other digestive problems. They’re a safer choice for any dog, because antler chews don’t splinter like bones. Owners like them because they don’t wind up in a gooey mess like rawhide, and best of all they take away the need for pets to chew on furniture, shoes and other things around the house.

Typically lasting four to six weeks, Scout & Zoe’s chews are available in a variety of sizes to suit every breed. No animals are harmed and no violence is imposed on any elk during the gathering of the antlers.

To order Scout & Zoe’s chews for your pet, go to or call (317) 457-7222 to find a retail outlet near you.