The Pongo Fund Feeds Hungry Dogs

Date Posted: 05/11/2011
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Listen up Scout & Zoe's pals.....The Pongo Fund wants to feed hungry animals that are not as fortunate as we all are. It's not a good life to walk around wondering what you are going to eat or not knowing when your next meal will be. 

Here is where you can help. 'Like' The Pongo Fund on Facebook. If you tell them your furry pal's name, they will donate food in his/her name so other fur-babies can eat. Tell them Scout & Zoe sent you. Make a difference in a life this very moment.
It is the most simple, but most profound little thing you will do today. Make it count. Hungry doggies are counting on you for their dinner.
Pongo Fund Help
Need more info? Here is more about the Pongo Fund from their site...."The Pongo Fund Emergency Pet Food Bank works hard every day to protect family pets from starving or ending up in a shelter when their families cannot afford to keep them fed. We've donated more than 1.5 Million meals so far and with your help we can do even more. All you need to do is LIKE us on Facebook and we will donate emergency food in your name to help those less fortunate animals. Click every day to keep them fed. It’s just that simple."
XOXO, Scout and Zoe