Doggies on the Mend

Date Posted: 04/13/2011
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The past two weeks have been challenging here to say the least. Scout had ACL surgery, his second; Zoe had something happen to her neck....most likely a ruptured disk. 

Scout had complications from his surgery and spent the entire second week following his surgery at the hospital. The staff nursed him with hydrotherapy and constant 24 hour attention to stop leakage from the incision and swelling. Thank you to Dr. Tim Lee and the fabulous staff at VCA Northwood Animal Hospital for your dedication to getting Scout back on the road to recovery. Scout has been wearing his 'cone of happiness and health' for the past two weeks and will be elated when the staples are removed Friday morning. After the removal, the health and happiness cone will be retired until the next mishap.

Zoe is resting comfortably as long as she is on her medication. In another week, we'll evaluate her condition and determine a path of action. 

This is my long way of saying, it is hard to appreciate the health of ourselves and our pets when everyone is okay. With the onset of injuries, surgery or any unexpected health issue comes the separation of time and energy to the healing process. Attentions that were once devoted to every day life, work and mindless time-eaters, now go to nursing my beloved furry kids back to health. So if you find I have been a little distant, out of sorts or emotionally unavailable the past couple of weeks, it is because I have been worried sick about my pups and need a good night or two of uninterrupted sleep. 

I am reminded of what is actually important. It isn't Facebook or Twitter, email or cleaning the dog hair from my couch or carpet. It is getting my pups, the loves of my life, back to 100% good health.

They give me their undivided attention.

They love me unconditionally.

They snuggle close to me just to enjoy the touch of my hand on their heads or backs while I pet them.  

They ask for nothing in return. 

I need to remember I am their voice. I am their provider. I am their pack leader and they love me with all their hearts. 

Take time to love on your pup tonight and appreciate everything he or she does for you. Just by sitting next to you and doing nothing, they are doing more for your health than you realize.