Today is S&Z Day at I Wear Your Shirt

Date Posted: 03/23/2011
Posted in: Scout & Zoe's Doggie News   Tags: Dog chews, natural antler chews, Scout & Zoe's

Today is the day!  The guys and gals at I Wear Your Shirt are wearing OUR shirts!! All day long....across all time zones. Nothing but Scout & Zoe's for 24 hours! How cool is that?

They will have plenty of videos and tweets and posts on their Facebook pages too. If you are not familiar with I Wear Your Shirt, it totally rocks! Here is our page for the day.

Today, in honor of S&Z Day on I Wear Your Shirt, if you visit our Facebook page, like us and then sign up for our newsletter, you will be registered for a fabulous prize package we are giving away.....goodies for you and your pooch.

Because we are all about dogs here at Scout & Zoe's. All dogs, all day, 24/7. Why? That is just the way we roll...and we love it!