Scout & Zoe are Guests on Indy Style

Date Posted: 03/23/2011
Posted in: Scout & Zoe's Doggie News   Tags: Scout & Zoe's, natural dog chews, antler dog chews

Yesterday, we a fabulous time talking with Andy on Indy Style. She is a real sweetie and asked us some great questions about our chews. We were on the Living Green portion of the show.....what a great fit!

You know, our chews are 100% natural, organic, green. Nothing is added to our chemicals; no preservatives; just tons of love for dogs. Elks shed their antlers and we repurpose the antlers into the yummiest dog chews on the planet. Nummmmm..... You could say our chews are the ultimate recycling project. Yummy and earth and pet friendly. What a fab combo!

If you missed the show yesterday, here is the link to the segment. Take a look. The Momster said we did a really good job and looked pretty good on camera. Let us know what you think!