The Passing of a Hero

Date Posted: 11/17/2010
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Max, Exceptional Canine

Yesterday, a true American hero passed into that good sleep. Max, our first Exceptional Canine, passed away. He had the tenacity of a fighter and the heart of a champion. His parents, Tony and Annette Zintsmaster said he was all heart. I thought he was a real sweetie. 

Even though I met him late in his life, he was attentive, playful and very, very vocal. He wanted you to know he was there and still had things to say.

When you look up the word hero in the dictionary, there should be a picture of Max. Going into the rubble of the Twin Towers with Annette, they both risked life and limb to search for survivors. Most of us were in shock. These two and others with their dog-partners jumped into action. And for that, we will all be forever grateful.

Thank you Annette for sharing Max with us at a time when the nation needed hope.

Thank you Max for doing what you did best; you went into the rubble looking for someone to play with you.

Now, go play at the Rainbow Bridge

Rest well.

Good boy......