Gotta have Faith

Date Posted: 10/20/2010
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Inspirational dog with powerful story about overcoming adversity is honored with Scout & Zoe’s Exceptional Canine Award

ANDERSON, IN – There was a time, eight years ago, when Jude Stringfellow’s newly rescued puppy was the one who needed a miracle. Since then, the irresistibly charming lab-chow mix has been the one providing help, inspiration and miracles of her own.

Faith, born without her two front legs, has brought a powerful message about overcoming adversity in countless appearances on TV, in hospitals, in schools and through her own busy website. Scout & Zoe’s Natural Antler Dog Chews is proud to recognize her as the second recipient of its Dog Lore Exceptional Canine Award.

 “The first time I heard Faith’s story, it made me cry,” says Cindy Dunston Quirk, owner and developer of Scout & Zoe’s. “She’s the ultimate example of the life-changing power pets can have in our lives. She’s been and continues to be an inspiration to millions with her great attitude and her refusal to let a disability limit her potential.”

 As a Scout & Zoe’s honoree, a collectible card has been created for Faith that will be included in packages of Scout & Zoe’s chews. The card features her photo, biography and a recap of her achievements since being rescued from a junkyard where her mother abused and abandoned her.

 Faith’s mother wasn’t to blame. She was doing only what instinct told her to do when one of her puppies was born without all of its limbs

 Stringfellow’s son, Reuben, rescued Faith and brought her home. The family quickly became attached to the young puppy, nursed her to health, and eventually helped her learn to hop and finally walk on two legs.

 “People ask me if it was easy to teach Faith to walk upright,” says Jude. “The answer is NO! It was not easy, and it was not natural; it was SUPER natural. Of course, it also took a little ‘faith.’”

 Faith has appeared on a number of talk shows, includingOprah, and been named an honorary Army sergeant. Jude has become a motivational speaker, written two books about Faith and is working on a third, Faith Walks. They get more than 200 letters and e-mails a day, and make dozens of appearances every year, including stops at veterans' hospitals across the country to cheer injured soldiers.

 “Faith is a true hero and exemplifies our ideal of an exceptional canine,” says Cindy. “With each Exceptional Canine Award Scout & Zoe's bestows, we endeavor to showcase how vital dogs are to each of us during our lifetime, not only as companions offering unconditional love, but also providing comfort and inspiration.”

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