Scout & Zoe's is all about dogs. We absolutely love dogs and everything about them; they are our passion. And that is the single reason why Scout & Zoe's exists. We want to be your place to talk, learn and love all things dogs.

But since you clicked on the About Us tab, you probably want to know more about, Scout and Zoe. Okay, we'll open the curtain so you can see who we are and why we are doing what we do.

Around our house, I'm known as the Momster to all of our furry critters. In most other areas, people know me as Cindy Dunston Quirk. I have always loved animals ever since I can remember, especially dogs. As a child, my parents raised Pekinese pups so that was the breed we had as pets. As an adult, I lean toward larger breeds....German Shepherds and German Shorthair Pointers. But I still have a soft spot for any dog, no matter what breed.

I am most at ease when I am covered with dog hair from head to toe.

Let me tell you a little about each of our namesakes, Scout and Zoe. Dogs have been are our four-legged, furry kids. I take them with me wherever I go and whenever possible; they are my constant companions. I told you, I really love dogs!

Zoe's allergies lead me to start this venture. She developed allergies to beef among other things and she needed a chew that wouldn't irritate her skin or tummy. She loved to play keep-away, spend alone time with the Momster, sit in the sunshine and attempt to be the boss of Scout. Sleeping on the bed and riding in the car were her favorite pass times. All that and getting a treat! A lovely German Shepherd, Zoe was always a very active, slim and beautiful girl. And she had a great life despite her allergies.

My sweetheart with fur passed away in my arms at home with her family surrounding her on the sunny afternoon of April 17, 2014. We were blessed to share 14 years of unconditional love, laughs, hugs and companionship with her. We miss her terribly. Not a day goes by that she isn't on my mind.

Scout is the latest addition to our family. He was born on Fathers Day in 2008. And yes, his twos were terrible. Constantly the source of chaos in our household, Scout loves to run through the house as well as the yard chasing anything that will run away from him....especially squirrels.

One of his very favorite activities was enticing Zoe to chase him. But he now enjoys jumping on the bed during the middle of the night, waking everyone up at the crack of dawn and pulling the stuffing out of Zoes toys. Oh yes, he still carries around his blankie Mamaw Vee made for him.

While Scout is a graduate of doggie manner and etiquette classes, he has learned the fine art of being selectively obedient.

The reason this company exists is because of my dedication to Zoe, Scout and their allergies. Due to extensive allergies they have had their entire lives, neither could enjoy any bovine products--bones, rawhide, or anything beef flavored.

So I began to search for items for them to chew on to exercise their chew drive and help with cleaning their teeth. Boy, that was a long search! Ten years to be exact.

Antlers are rugged, hard, solid and wont splinter like bones will. These provide the exact qualities I wanted in a chew for my doggie pals. And there is the added bonus of the chews actually being good for them. Trace minerals of calcium and phosphorous are in all antlers.

WOW! What a combination.....great to chew on and good for both Scout and Zoe. The perfect storm!

In 2012, when all the chicken jerky from overseas was making dogs sick or worse, I began making treats. I figured if I couldn't find treats I considered safe for my pups to enjoy, then I should just make them. So I did.

Sweet potatoes and chicken jerky were our first treats. Now we have an extensive offering of treats crafted from premium raw ingredients for all of our edible treats. Every single item is USA sourced and produced in a USDA inspected facility.

These treats are so safe, I eat them. Safe for me, safe for my pooches. Safe for my fur kids; very safe for your precious fur babies!