You want cool doggie stuff; we have cool doggie stuff. From our extra tasty chews for your VSC (very special canine) to apparel for all of us on the other end of the leash, you can find it here in our Online Store.

As we grow and expand, so will our store. So let us know if there is swag you would like us to get our paws on. We love swag...especially with the Scout & Zoe seal of approval on it.

What do Scout and Zoe have to say about the store? "Barkin’ good!" "Two paws up!!"

Look, shop, buy. It’s the natural order of things. And you wouldn’t want to upset the natural order of the universe, would you?

Made right here in Indiana here in the good ol' USA, you have our assurance this is totally safe for your pup, yummy and the best jerky you can buy. It is two ounces of chicken jerky gold! No nasty chemicals for our pals. Just pure USDA grade A boneless, skinless chicken breasts that are hand-cut and made with a lot of love.

Price: $13.99

Oh boy, oh boy! We are proud to offer two ounces of our very own sweet potato treats! Just like everything else we do, we use only the finest USA sourced ingredients. In the case of our tater treats, we use USA grown fancy sweet potatoes and dehydrate them to sweet potato crispy goodness right here in central Indiana........the epicenter of Yum-my!

Price: $9.99

Oh goodness! Have you tried our carrot treats? Sourced and produced in the USA, these carrots are all preservatives, chemicals or additives. Just carrot-y yumminess! The package is 6 ounces. Better get two. Your pup is gonna love these!

Price: $13.99

Our small is just right for your little pal weighing up to 15 pounds.

Price: $12.00

Our medium sized chew: the right size for your 15-30 pound furry buddy.

Price: $17.00

Don't be fooled by the name. Maybe your dog is the right size for our large-sized chew. Great for dogs who weigh 30-50 pounds.

Price: $22.00

So you have a large dog but not the biggest. This is probably just the right size. If your doggie is a big chewer or weighs over 50 pounds, this is the perfect chew!

Price: $27.00

This jumbo-sized chew is perfect for large dog breeds including Great Danes, Mastiffs, Saint Bernards and Rottweilers or our smaller pals who are big chewers and dream they are larger than life!

Price: $40.00

Here's a chew your dog will love! Crafted from yummy naturally shed elk antlers, your pup will dig the exposed marrow in these antler cookies.

Price: $16.00

We've taken our yummy chews and exposed the marrow for our pals who just want to get right down to business. Naturally shed; naturally yummy!

Price: $19.00

Our Nibblet chews are just the thing for your rabbit, guinea pig, mouse or bird to keep her teeth in check. Made from our USA premium, 100% naturally shed elk antler stock. Yummy goodness in every bite!

Winner of the 2012 Pet Age Green Spirit award for eco-friendly pet products.

Price: $8.95

Scout & Zoe's ultra-fine calcium powder is chocked full of natural calcium and phosphorous which most animals need. Made from our USA premium, 100% naturally shed elk antler stock. Great for birdies, doggies, amphibians, reptiles and any critter that needs their calcium.

Remember, this is for our critter pals...not for human consumption!

Price: $8.95

New antler perches for our fine feathered friends! Long-lasting and durable, our perches contain no chemicals or preservatives. They are easy to clean and sanitize but most importantly, a Scout & Zoe's antler perch is a great source of natural calcium and helps keep beaks smooth! Perfect size for small to medium sized birds.

Price: $16.00

Just like our small avian perches, our larger birdie pals will enjoy the durability of these oversized antler perches. As always, there are no chemicals or preservatives on our naturally shed antlers. Easy to clean and sanitize, these perches keep beaks smooth and are a great source of natural calcium! Perfect size for medium to large sized birds.

Price: $34.00

We know birds love to chew. And now, they have something that is interesting and long-lasting. Combining colorful items with our yummy antler chews, these toys will provide small to medium sized birds with hours of chewing pleasure! Oh, did we mention the antler chews are packed full of natural calcium and phosphorous? Yea, we got that too!

Price: $36.00

We have crafted these colorful antler toys for our larger feathered friends to enjoy. Hours of chewing fun as well as the added benefit of natural calcium and phosphorous. What's not to love?

Price: $48.00