What day is it?" "It's today," squeaked Piglet. "My favorite day,"

Zoe's 14th Birthday!

Yesterday was Zoe's 14th birthday and what a day she had! Cake, ice cr

Oh Boy!

Who is tired of the snowy winter weather? Bundle up and jump outside a

Extreme cold protection

Crikey! It is freaking cold here. -12 degrees F without the wind chill


Finally summer is here! Be sure and leave your doggies home if it is w

Happy 13th Birthday Zoe!

It is so hard to believe my sweetie Zoe turned 13 on Feb 25. I remembe

Welcome to our virtual community!

This is like our own little city where all of us, that’s you, your doggie and all of us here at Scout & Zoe’s, can visit with each other.

Here, we can all chat, share photos and videos and just hang out with other doggie people. You know we all love to talk to each other about our dogs and the crazy things they do.

From time to time, okay, more like really often, Scout and Zoe will post photos of their adventures. They are both capable of some serious fun so we’ll share that with you here.

So visit here often! We want to see what you and your pooch have been up to. Who knows? We could be the next biggest community on the web especially for dogs. Hummm.... What would we call it? Since Twitter is taken, how about Dogger?